What is eSport? For which audience?

Esport refers to playing a video game on the Internet or in LAN (local network tournament) alone or in a team, using a computer, a console or now a smartphone. This kind of a Wikipedia definition is intended for a worldwide audience, about all ages, all origins and all levels.

Can you be / become a professional player?

Each field has its expertise and Esport is not exception.
Thus, it is quite possible to be a casual player or to become a professional. It all depends on his personal goal but also on his basic abilities and motivations.

Many graduate schools have followed Esport structures (competitive or even professional players) in this sector, surfing on an inflation of the online environment for several years.
Forming world-famous players (Corentin “Gotaga” Houssein, Marie-Laure “Kayane” Norindr, Bruce “Spank” Granec, Olivier “Luffy” Hay, Maël “WhiteBl4ck” Vautor) the French scene is a pillar of the Esport world.

Does the sponsoring / partenship in the Esport sector is useful and bilateral ?

The notion of financing or supporting a project, whatever the way, can still remain unclear in this particular world.
Financial transactions, cash prizes, trades, redemptions, advertising, so many words related to money that are increasingly present in Esport.

Investing money in a company focused on this environment may seem like a risky gamble, but it still pays off.

What about us ?

Sommet is an Esport company, focused on in the event organisation.

We organize and animate personalized concepts and create digital content on our Twitch channel through adapted concepts.

The realization of our competitive tournaments (online / offline) are thus accessible to all audiences, and at any level.

Our small team is made up above all of enthusiasts, recognized competitors and extraordinary people.

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Our activities / concept

Evo’Lutive Experience : An unique concept.
This 16 players tournament, with only equivalent level gamers, aims to increase their level.
Thanks to the personalized follow-up from WhiteBl4ck Sensei, master of versus fighting games and the French Champion 2018 on Dragon Ball FighterZ; but also wise advice from our personal caster: Themajin972, which one has amazing knowledges in this video game.
The concept is adapted to every single video game, as a second strong force.

Reach the Sommet : An intense competition over several weeks, in a round-robin format to begin, to finish in a double-elimination.
The tournament is accessible to all but the level of difficulty is increased compared to the Evo'Lutive Experience event.
A good opportunity to stand out among strong players.
Obviously, the reward is more substantial.

Evènements sur mesure : Imagine, create and experiment your own event, in the colors and image of your company / association / school.
Your time is limited and/or you don't want to manage something about it?
No problem. We will offer you several choices and you will dispose according to your preferences.

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